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Husband Wife Sms

What i Do

I only do what the voices

In my wife head tell her
To tell me to do 

Added by: aimen

Dukh Humesha Sath

Dukh humesha saath rehta hai,

Magar khushi aati-jati rehti hai.
Please explain in English
Aadmi: My wife is with me,
but her sister visits occasionally.

Added by: nabeel

Office Mein Over Time

Jo log humesha office mein

Overtime kerte hai
Kiya wo sab manti hote hai? nai
Ya to wo biwi se tang hote hai
Ya wo office mein kisi ke sath hote hai ;)

Added by: nabeel

Man Once Asked

A man once asked his father,
Father, how will i ever find the
Right woman, His father replied
Forget finding the right woman
Focus on being the right man

Added by: nabeel

Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife,

Deactivate your account

and go study i want a bright

future of my kids weli kahi ke. :P ;)

Added by: nabeel

Remarks on Report Card

Husband was shocked to read wife

old school report card

The remarks on report were
Very Soft spoken and Obedient. :P

Added by: nabeel

So She Can

When buying gifts for women,

the most important thing to remember is the receipt
so that she can change it :P

Added by: nabeel

Shadi Shuda Bande Se

Kisi ne shadi shuda bande se pocha:

Pehle ap kiy kerte the?

Us ke aankho me ansu a ge aur bola

Jo mera dil kerta tha.

Added by: nabeel

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