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Islamic Sms

Best of You

The best of you

Is the best to his wives
[Tirmidhi: 3895]

Added by: nabeel

Fortune Teller

Whoever goes to Fortune-teller

and asks him something,
his prayer will not be accepted for 40 days
(Sahih Muslim: 58:21)

Added by: nabeel

Success become Lifestyle

If namaz becomes a habit

Success becomes the lifestyle

Added by: nabeel


Allah does not close a door for you out of 

His infinite wisdom except 
that He opens another two out of His mercy.

Added by: nabeel

Spiritually Does Not

Spirituality does not

come from religion
It comes from our soul.

Added by: nabeel

Integrity is Doing

Integrity is doing the right thing,

Even when no one is watching

Added by: nabeel

More Forgiving and Less Tolerant

When you finally realize that

nothing is permanent in this life

you will become more tolerant

more forgiving and less judgmental

Added by: nabeel

Quran Is Here

 The quran is not there to decorate our shelves

It is there to be read with understanding

Added by: nabeel

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