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Sexy Teacher - Adult Sexy Sms

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Tchr: why did you laugh?

Boy:I saw a strap o ur bra

Tchr: Get out of class for a week

2nd Boy laugh

Tchr: why did u laugh?

Boy: i saw both straps

Tchr: GET out for 1 m0nth

she bent down to pick ch

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Thirsty Girl

 A girl was thirsty.
She saw an ALA-DIN Chairagh beside her
She touched & ordered jin k meri pyas bhujao
JIN: “PEPSI wali ua IMRAN HASHMI wali”?

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ManMohan singh in Election

After Election Ex PM of India
ManMohan Said:
“Ye to Sonia g ka Hath hai werna is
Umar (Age) mein Mera Khara Hona Mushkil Tha” 

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Funny Husband Wife

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A criminal broke into bed room , tied up Husband & Wife

Kissed wife’s ear & went 2 Bathroom.

Husband told Wife

“Satisfy him or he will Kill Us,

Be strong I LOVE YOU.”

Wife said:

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Minar e Pakistan funny sms

Angrez: Tum logon ne minar-e-pakistan kasie khara kiya?
Pakistani: HUm ne isey banaya aur is ka munh HEERA MANDI
ki taraf ker diya ye khud he khara ho gaya

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Mouse Doing Sex with Elephant

A Mouse Doing Sex with an Elephant
Under a Coconut tree, Sudddenly Coconut falls on elephant’s head.
Elephant shouted with PAIN.
Mouse: ok 0k i will do SLOWLY

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