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Life Sms

Anything From Life

Do not expect anything from life,

expectations hurt.

When you dont expect,

every moment is a surprise

and every surprise brings happiness in your life.

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

Key to Life

One key to life is

to be realistic by being

more than imaginative.

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

If Life is Game

If life is a game.

I Pray you always wins.

If life is a journey.

I Pray you always walk on roses.

If life is a joke.

I wish you always smile.

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

Your Life is Journey

Your life is a journey.

Your personal journey will be marked by luck,

and failure, and

perhaps most importantly by humility.

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

Bewajah Khush Rehna

UdAsii kii wAjAh tOh bAhUt h

ZiinDaGii mE..

pAr bEwAjAh kHuSh rEhNe kA

MaJaA hIi kUcH aUr hAii !!

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

Bethreen Rishta

Dunya mein behtreen rishta

wohi hai jahan ek Mamooli si Muskurahat

or halki si Sorry

se zindagi dubara pehle jesi ho jati hai.

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

When Trusting a Person

When you fully trust a person

without any doubt, you finally get

one of the two results:

A person for life


A lesson for life

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

urooj per Aik Din

Urooj pr bhi aaon ga zaroor aik din

saath chornay walo mera

zawal sari umar ka nahi

Added by: nabeel     Life Sms

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