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Love Sms

Impact on Mind and Heart

In a few years, no one will Remember

How much rich and beautiful u were.

But remember the impact You made on

their minds and hearts.

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Taste of Water

The hardest thing in life is to explain the reason

How much you are true and

sincere with someone

It is like trying to explain the taste of water

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Nothing Left For

Do not worry when

i fight with you,

worry when i stop

because it means

there is nothing left

for us to fight for

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Love Those Who Love

Love those who love you

when you have nothing

to offer but your company.

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Sincerity Not Measured

Sincerity is not measured

when both take care of each other

It is measured when one ignores

and other still continues to Care

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Waits For You

If sum one waits for u

It does not mean that

They have nothing else to do

It just mean ..

that nothing else is

More important than u

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Mohbbat Nai Aqeeqdat

KHUDA Ki Qasam Mohbbat Nahi Aqeeqdat Hai Tum Se

Da yaar-E-Dil Mein Boht Ahtraam Hai Tera

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

Khush Rehna Uske Beghair

Badi mushkil se sikha hai khush rhna uske bagair

pr suna hai ye baat use pareshan bahot krti hai..

Added by: nabeel     Love Sms

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