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Urdu Funny Sms

Misbah Ka Last Ball Par Six

Misbah ne last bal pe 6 marne ki koshish ki to wo gir gya or us k andar sy awaz i

Hum Mazrat khuwa hain

Ap k system me matluba sahulat muyasar nhi

Added by: Sharjeel     Urdu Funny Sms

DAGH To Ache Hote Hain

Tum DOSTI ka wo DaGh ho

Jise hum BONUS se dho nhi skte

ARIEL se saf nhi kr skte

SURF EXCEL se mta nhi skte



Kuch DAGH to ache hote han.

(” =)..

Added by: Sharjeel     Urdu Funny Sms

App bohat Lucky Hon

Cycle wale ne 1 Aadmi ko takkar mar di.

Aur bola...Aap bahut lucky ho

Aadmi..wo kaise ??

Cycle wala..Aaj meri chutti hai


Added by: Sharjeel     Urdu Funny Sms

New Funny Urdu Poetry Sms

The poetry has many forms and the most popular form of poetry is the funny Urdu poetry. Funny poetry will grow as long as there are poets writing funny poetry. It is the greatest form of poetry to learn about and it has been around for many years. In order to understand funny Urdu poetry you must have the knowledge of Urdu language. But if you are not familiar of Urdu language than you may have trouble in reading it because it is mainly designed for those who can read Urdu and not for those that are only English speaking.
With the help of funny Urdu poetry we are able to give respect to other forms of art and also learn about them whenever you can. It can provide many benefits and most of people are not aware of what benefits learning a new funny poetry can do for them. To make tee reader laugh is the main purpose of it. It is the creative comedy. Most of the people are in the opinion that only those poets are the most creative poets who can write funny Urdu Funny poetry, as this is the common observation that not all people cannot tell a good joke similarly all poets cannot write it.
Funny Urdu poetry can be used for many purposes. one can use it as a beautiful birthday gift. It can also be used as get well card and for much other useful purpose. When the poet is starting the process of writing, there is no limit to how the funny poetry must be written. We can select any topic for funny poetry like we can write funny poetry about Government policy or can write about any bugs in the building any similarly can write funny things about many other topics.
Funny Urdu poetry can also be used as a gift for the Valentines Day. It can be used to surprise your partner and make your partner laugh. Due to this it will be remember for many years to come. Most of us people do not really bother to think of a new idea for the Valentines Day. Using this for the Valentines Day is a great idea to be unique because nothing is more fun than laughter and we can give this gift to your partner on a special day. A funny poem that will make your partner laugh will make your day more memorable and special. Read more on Urdu Funny Poetry Sms

Added by: nabeel     Urdu Funny Sms

Macharon Se Bach Ne K Leye

Macharon se bach ne k leye hamesha bed

¥  ¥  ¥  ¥
¥  ¥  ¥  ¥  ¥
])   ¥    ¥    ¥
. (‘}._____//\_

k nechy soen Machar apko bed pe dondty rahen gay.
Or ap nechy mazy ki nend so rahy hon ge.

Added by: D0ol     Urdu Funny Sms

Funny Poetry Sms

Dil se roe magr honton se muskura bethe
Yun hi hum kisi se dil lga bethe
Wo hum ko 1 sMs b nahi krte
Jis k liye ham unlimited SmS package karwa bethe.

Added by: D0ol     Urdu Funny Sms

Shiekh To Mehman

lijiye na aur RASGULLE.
Nahi shukria main pehle hi 4 le chuka hoon.
waise Liye to aap ne 7 hain lekin khair yahan gin kon raha hai.

Added by: D0ol     Urdu Funny Sms

Young Generation Ki Tension

Young generation ko sb se zyada tension kb hoti hy?.
Papers mein??? Nhi.
Result pe??? Nhi.
Tb hoti hy jb woh so kr uthen aur unka mobile ammi k pas ho.
/    /
(  )..Nhi Ammi
/  /..hum sirf
dost hain.

Added by: D0ol     Urdu Funny Sms

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