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Urdu Happy New Year Sms 2012

 Where to begin where to end when it comes to urdu happy new year sms 2012. The topic is so vast and fun to write about that surely it’s not fair to finish it up in an article but alas I got no choice…hehe… to say the least it is most colorful night of the year without doubt and to top it off the messages that are shared though out the world makes truly a remarkable day every year. Likewise urdu happy new year sms 2012 leaves no effort of making this day as good for everyone in our home country as anywhere else in the world.

Then comes the fact that the whole sensation of texting and especially in this urdu happy new year sms 2012 is filled with different types of messages. Poetry, funny jokes of faraz and sardars to pathans to whatever stupid ideas that come into mind being hilariously funny nonetheless to quotes to animations, you name it guys and yes you would find a message just like that…lol… where I personally find my own versions of texts most amusing and just take couple of minutes to think of one and go with it.
So then frankly telling I always end up texting friends first, girls in particular…lol…just joking, well the point is to leave no one behind so regardless of when you are sending one, what really matters is that you are sending it to each and everyone. 2012 urdu happy new year sms messages this way actually make a bridge between  people and connects them with and the circle goes so large that no one gets left behind and old grudges and whatever silly fights anyone had are just dumped away just with the sending of any such message.
Turns out with time changes do come and yes this change has indeed proved most easy and useful till date. Where emails and cards were sent and took days to reach with probability to fail as well, texts surely have made this all more fun more reliable and more reachable for anyone anywhere. urdu happy new year sms 2012 likewise have done great job in bringing people together on a night where not all are able to meet out to enjoy the eve and has given the same effect at home and sometimes even more depending upon how much one is willing to innovate and dazzle the crowd.

Added by: nabeel     Urdu New Year Sms

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